File Format
==== ======

Data Records
==== =======

Each record is a series of comma delimted fields representing one months
data for one type of data (INFO records are an exception).

Here's a description of the data types:

Type Description Units
==== ========== =====
TMAX Maximum Temperature Degrees F.
TMIN Minimum Temperature Degrees F.
PRCP Precipitation 0.01 inches
SNOW Snowfall 0.1 inches
SNDP Snow depth on the ground inches
INFO Station information (see below)

All data records have this format:

Field Description
===== ===========
0 Station number
1 Year
2 Month
3 Type (see type list below)
4-ndays Values; each value consists of an integer and/or
one or more alphabetic flags (see flag list below).

m - missing
t - trace
a - accumulated period
h - hail (Ft Collins only).

INFO Records
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INFO records contain:

Field Description
===== ===========
0 Station number
1 Beginning Year
2 End Year
3 Type (INFO)
4 Latitude (ddmm, dd=degrees, mm=minutes)
5 Longitude (dddmm)
6 Elevation (feet)
7 Station name