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Snowstorms, Blizzards, and Ice Storms

Severe Snowstorms

April 14-15
Snowfall at Silver Lake 75.8 in. in 24 hours, greatest 24-amount in Nation; 87 in. fell in 27 1/2 hours and 95 in. in 32 1/2 hours. At Fry's Ranch,, 62 in. fell in 22 hours. Snow drifted to depths of 7 ft. in many parts of Denver and to 8 ft. near Corona. Many trees broken and telephone and telegraph poles splintered.
December 12-20
Arizona (north, central, and east) - New Mexico (western two-thirds)-Colorado (southwest) - Utah (southeast)
Almost daily snowfall, low temperatures, and strong winds. Record to near record snowfall and severe drifting, many drifts 10 to 20 ft high, roads blocked, farms, ranches, livestock, and towns isolated. Snow vehicles and airlife used to bring food to families and feed to livestock.

March 17-20
Colorado - Front Range

March 17-20, 2003 Winter Storm Summary & Pictures
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January 1-6
Idaho - Nevada - Utah - Montana - Wyoming - Colorado-North Dakota-South Dakota-Nebraska
One of the most severe blizzards of record in the Great Basin, middle Rockies, and northwestern Great Plains. Snowfall from 7 to more than 30 in. (41-in. state reocrd at Chadron, Nebr.); winds 40 to 70 mi/h, snow drifted badly and reduced visibility to less than 5 feet most of 3rd and 4th in many areas, especially at Rapid City. S. Dak.; temperatures below zero. Roads blocked; farms, towns, and livestock isolated by deep snow and drifts 10 to 30 ft high. Airlift brought medical supplies and food to isolated communities and hay to starving livestock. Deaths: 12 in Wyoming, 7 in Colorado, and 20 in Nebraska. Expenditures for relief operations, and for opening and reopening roads ran to millions of dollars. Livestock losses heavy -- in excess of $9 million in Wyoming alone.


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