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General Info

Information pages will give you details about the Climate Center, what we do, our research and services. Get outreach materials and other resources. And be sure to visit our About Us page for contact information.

Colorado's Climate

Everything you need to know about Colorado's climate. How do geography and the mountains play a role in controlling our climate? Does El Niño really affect our weather? What's this monsoon thing I hear about every summer?

Data Access

Download temperature, precipitation, and snowfall observations across Colorado, from National Weather Service Cooperative Network (COOP) stations. Our updated data access page is powered by ACIS. Easily grab daily, monthly, or annual values for a station's entire period of record, and in most cases up to as recent as yesterday.

Climate Maps

Get Colorado maps of the most recent (1 day, 7 day, month-to-date, 30 day, year-to-date, etc.) precipitation and temperature observations. Also view departures from average for temperature, and percent of average for precipitation.

Normals and Extremes

Easily view our state's long-term average temperature and precipitation. Quickly display different types of extremes across the state, or download extremes for a specific station. View our states official and unofficial records. Learn more about our climate during specific holidays. Read more details about Colorado's infamous historic extreme events.


Our staff (with the support of NOAA's NIDIS) are dedicated to regularly monitoring drought and water conditions across the state of Colorado and surrounding regions. Visit our weekly drought summary page, register to attend one of our webinars, or search through our archives.


One of the main goals of the Colorado Climate Center is to effectively communicate climate to a broad range of audiences. While we continue to provide data and maps, we also strive to provide tools and products that make that data more meaningful to its users. Keep checking our Tools page for the news on products we're developing, or use the tools we've already created.