Colorado Climate Educational Resources

How Does Your Precipitation Measure Up?

Grade Level: 8th Grade and Up
This exercise combines CoCoRaHS precipitation observations with NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission. This is a great way to compare precipitation estimates from satellites to ground measurements at nearby CoCoRaHS rain gauges.

Analyze the Climate at a Station in Colorado

Grade Level: 9th Grade and Up
Select a station of interest to get temperature and precipitation data. This activity will help you analyze changes in climate by season and by year and find climate extremes.

Make a Temperature Map

Grade Level: 6th - 8th Grade
In this exercise, you will grab temperature data for many stations and put it on a map. This will test your Colorado geography skills and teach you the usefulness of color-coding dots on a map with values.

Colorado Climate Center Website Quiz (coming soon)

Grade Level: 8th Grade and Up
Take this online quiz as a great way to learn about all the resources our website has to offer. The answer to each question can be found on our website, and we'll provide hints as to where.

Reading of the Book "What Makes it Rain"

Grade Level: Pre-K and Kindergarten
From the Usborne book collection, this book teaches young children about what makes it rain, how rainbows form, lightning and thunder, and more weather phenomena.

Watch Videos from the CoCoRaHS Educational Series

Grade Level: Various
These fun animated videos will teach you about the difference between weather and climate, weather balloons, the water cycle, watersheds, and measuring the water cycle.